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into a corporation and talks with different countries on a wide range of issues including corporation in a nuclear energy but there needs to be a certain strategy if they stick to the same strategy do the same approach then the prospects for the talks are promising we have reached a rate of this at the negotiations and istanbul and baghdad we will look at this round of talks with optimism when the agreements reached in istanbul and baghdad will be respected if we do see this kind of respect we will then be able to view the negotiations in a positive light. how would you describe the main points of contention at this point of time. i believe that what should be discussed in detail is a number of proposals we put forward and the big talks with we identified five main areas four of them are related to nuclear energy while the fifth one concerns are the areas. meanwhile the other side came up with
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a proposal to to advance the talks we need consensus on two major issues firstly we are strongly against weapons of mass destruction today the republic of iran has the capacities to cooperate in disarmament and nuclear nonproliferation so these capacities should be used by the international community and secondly we expect that iran's right to nuclear technologies including uranium enrichment as will be recognized and respected this is something that is clearly defined by the nuclear nonproliferation treaty and i think that addressing these two issues will help to advance negotiations for the iranian nuclear facilities have been targeted by yet another cyber attack and we don't know there are regions of the tag where there are a lot of speculations on the subject i would like to ask you how serious this rather is to add their. kind of attacks is crying over time.
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you know that iran's nuclear activities are entirely under the control of the i.a.e.a. all the activities we're currently conducting are in full compliance with the nuclear nonproliferation treaty all the nuclear activities are equipped with surveillance cameras that cynical with i.a.e.a. rules that in fact the international community is now concerned about quite a different thing why do some people take the liberty to speak out against activities that are peaceful controlled by the i.a.e.a. and in compliance with the n.p.t. if this opposition does not boil down to cyber attacks alone the international community is now openly are asking why some of our scientists working at peaceful nuclear facilities are targeted by terrorists that these people's names are on the least of those the u.n. security council has introducing charges against you this makes the two. feel free
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to exterminate the blacklisted people so the question is what is the relation between the terrorists and the security council and of the question why do some people commit subversive acts against a country involved in legitimate peaceful experiences shockingly enough the openly admits that this is all they're doing that this raises yet another question that why does the international community that claims to live under the rule of law how to accept a situation when all the rules are violated and countries seeking to exercise their legitimate rights are discriminated against and this kind of discrimination is not limited to one country only you must be aware that luckily not at all neither terror attacks nor cyber attacks nor other acts of intimidation have done any harm or stop the progress of the reigning in people on the phone many israeli officials are discussing the possibility of
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a military strike against iranian nuclear facilities if israel israel ever decides to go it had. the iran has been concerned over this issue for many years now and this has to do with the belligerent and illegitimate nectar of the zionist regime that i think these kinds of statements help to reveal their true nature this kind of statement shows that the regime is keen to achieve its goals by capturing invading brandishing its military might if time and again this regime thinks it has the right to make these statements and threaten the whole world that higher this regime is as weak as ever and it's all thor it's. the only thing that is clear is that the world is aware of its military and hawkish nature and that any steps taken by the regime are illegitimate still the regime continues to operate on the wrong. and illegitimate bases this is
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happening to do all the wrongs money to and capabilities of. the arrest on iran's powerful potential build up by domestic scholars it includes the peaceful use of nuclear energy which unity made possible by a younger generation why it's hard work and scientific research this potential is not something that could be destroyed by some physical means or weapons this is a peaceful activity which is taking place under the supervision of the. and has been developed things torun national capabilities. yet we are well aware that the iranian leadership strongly support. what he describes as he struggled with terrorism organizations in syria giving the bloody nature of this conflict what does that make sense for bashar al assad to step down not as a sign of defeat but rather as
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a sort of sacrifice to prevent many more deaths. another issue that we brought up at the talks in istanbul and baghdad is that we are prepared to discuss regional issues including the situation in bahrain syria and other simulation issues we think the reason is simple solution and it boils down to one thing you need to respect the people to respect democracy if the international community demonstrates a genuine desire to debate these issues then we could come up with a very viable solution we have consistently called for all these in regard to syria but there are two problems in syria first its people demand reforms and they need to be introduced we respect of these aspirations and believe that it's the syrian people that should decide on the ultimate solution any old sided ference will not help it's wrong to supply weapons or train terrorists these actions will never been
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longing to be interests of the syrian people and syrian people must be empowered to take their own decisions on the reforms which would be unacceptable to supply arms or support terrorists and so on and it will only result in more casualties among civilians and bloodshed this is the wrong path to success. now over the past decade have seen several scenarios. one of was applied in there in iraq where the threat of mass destruction on the pretext of their weapons of mass destruction rather was used to justify military intervention another example was libya where in this place the fact that moammar gadhafi was supposedly a gas people democratic aspirations was used as a pretext for later intervention we're seeing somewhat the same thing in syria nowadays are you concerned that some of the scenarios that the combination of these
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scenarios can be applied to your own country. again that's something we have always been saying democracy cannot be imposed through violence military intervention or occupation those who have used these tactics have admitted later that they had other girls in mind and there are plenty of stories to prove this point those who will confide of ghana's down and the various pretexts later confessed that before stood and supported terrorist networks. why do rog saying it had weapons of mass destruction later confessed that they had actually been the main patrons saddam hussein in particular when saddam hussein waged in a war against iran they conceded that these stood behind iraq and helped it in every way possible none of them were able to give a helping hand in building a democracy in cases when they occupied a country they were to blame for the mass violations and crimes and they short
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themselves in the effort today they can barely drag themselves out of the maya you may remember that in the end the approach to iran and asked to help them get out of it so they are very weak and their case is pretty weak too today the world does not believe that someone can bring democracy against the people's will through occupation and military strike or any similar rationale people do believe that they want to help because their help usually results in numerous casualties wherever they serve their food in the face of serious challenges. in the meantime iran has proved to be a successful more of a democratic state ruled by the people it's a good example for the region and the whole world that it's a genuine democracy where people have the right to shape their future what's the smallville has been successful in both were our resistance against outside pressure
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if you're followed up on lied to you. are sort of a throwback and archaic part of our long. and it goes back to a time when people would light out of their forces in the wild and pick up these future dates and putting them into the sheriff for prosecution there is no longer the company may. kill. him when they go out there he's got weapons.
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and you have to hope that nothing bad. will it. but we're chasing killers and you gotta keep that in mind as the two million dollar bill theorist. but not super hero they can be killed to you know they shoot me in the head i'm going to die. and. once you put it on you and i never go back to. the british sign on the sign it's time to. market. it's going to find out what's really happening to the global economy with mike stronger for a no holds barred look at the global financial headlines tune into cars report.
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press protests on the eve of the egyptian presidential runoff as the country's highest court dissolved parliament and allowed to mubarak the prime minister to detain you his election talent the rulings have sparked fears the country is sliding back into dictatorship. steps up deadly drone attacks on pakistani tech pakistani territory leading to calls for an investigation into their the galaxy from that claims innocent civilian. are being killed and strikes officially are terrorists. and syria's government says there may be more suicide bomb attacks in the country's capital a warning follows the arrest of a man with ties to an outcry to bring to a group. sports news is next here on r t with andrew from.
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hello there thanks for joining me and these are the headlines pleading for the quarter finals co-hosts ukraine face france knowing victory would secure a place at the last state of the euro. while russia's border alexander caught in the draw down to the rest of the tour. but gives us his thoughts on the crucial game with grace. and surprise lead american michael thompson tops the leaderboard of the u.s. open although tiger woods is in the. start there with the european championships where co-hosts ukraine could book a place in the quarter finals this evening with victory over france although the match being suspended on just five minutes because of a massive thunderstorm the heavens have well and truly opened over the donbass arena in donetsk and the referee has decided to play should leave the pitch for their own safety to score instead he was in the all male when the game was halted with a little later on england take on bottom side sweden in kiev and have promised to play a more attacking style of football following their defensive one one draw with france
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england have never beaten the street in a competitive match but that could end tonight captain steven gerrard admits england were defensive against the french but a manager roy hodgson have hinted that would be having a go tonight. and with all due respect to sweden you get a good strong. enough from. we can be a little more bold little bit more ambitious and get on the streets a bit more we're confident if we reach the same level of performance or. that's not to say you know we won't be science learn from the mistakes we made in the game it was analyzed what we've done right what we've done wrong against france and we'll be trying to improve on the performance as well we will show ambition when we play so i don't think we lacked in the last game but every game is different every game poses a different every two plays in a slightly different while you've heard stephen i think explained the world so i'm
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hoping that's more like we'll we'll have a more the ball in the important areas and i'm hoping of course that we will pose a lot of questions for the swedish defense while sweden desperately need a win after losing their gang to ukraine and believe their knowledge of england pace will put them in good stead midfielder sebastian aston pace the sunderland boss several of his team mates have enjoyed spells in england and i think they've got the talent to get what they need to save me. we expect a very tough game first of all. you're always going to need to game when you come up against an england team. who we expect to be very organized as they have been since you know for a very long time and specialisms roy took over. so. you know it's going to be tough and i don't know if i expect him to be extremely defensive and it's an important game for both teams both teams need need need to point. you know as i said earlier we we know what we can do and if we if we can play to
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a capabilities then we're capable of beating him and in la rochelle will be with that winning alexander court in for the rest of the tournament the forward he's been on the banks a facet of the leg muscle injury during training and will be at the three weeks however that anonymous came and still managed to speak to r.t. about saturday's crucial game against grace russia have beaten the czechs and drawn with the power and avoiding defeat on saturday would guarantee them a place in the quarter finals. but. everything now depends on the game with greece what do you think are the strengths of the greek side they don't give up they play for ninety minutes but in their first game they were behind before pulling level on a second game the score was to nil but they didn't give up so i think when you play greece you can't relax until the game is over even if you score against them they never lose heart do you feel more nervous because you know that if you lose you will not go to the knockout stage you know no i don't think so i don't think
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anybody thinks about who we need is to pick up the points and go into next round. as a striker you can see our xander does his best on the beach but for whatever reason he can't score any comments. he can't score but he creates going about unity say when we've played poland. scored off his pass it's because you of course can't score himself he works for the table i think he will score a few goals later they're coming. the media of course talk about how to score three goals in two games the second player they command is eager denise of what do you think about eagerly. i think he's a great player but i can't say much about him as a person because i don't know him that well as well as an athlete he's quite good so when the papers say that some coaches and scouts are watching him i believe they're right i can only wish him the best of luck i would like to see him join
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a strong club but most of the players on the team are from xeni and. how easy it is for player from other clubs to be in their company. is perfectly simple we don't have any groups it's not like we're from senate we're from c.s. no we all stay together we all know each other we will talk to each other so there is no problem with that. ok let's have a look at greece they are bottom of group a with just a point from two games but they are not out of the competition yet and victory against russia may still be enough to send them into the quarterfinals greece that will be without injured first choice keep the cost of childcare but welcome back defender socrates would have passed the populace and remaining optimistic. the russians are certainly the favorites but they are a super team so we have to put in a very strong start not make those mistakes again mistakes do happen but we are
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professionals which means we should not make the same mistake twice. now last night reigning champion spain won for nearly two knock out the republic of ireland from the tournament started a competitive match for the spaying the first time in seven months and this presence was felt immediately as the chelsea star opened just four minutes in stage one nil until half time but after the break spain were at their domineering best david silver adding their second before taurus netted a second and his replacement set up at a gas completed the right spain going top of group c. while in the other game gracie came from behind to draw one one with this lead and that means that the car joined spain on four points then it is italy and then it is goodbye island. another football news that new chelsea boss reverted imitate says he doesn't expect a huge influx influx of plays at stamford bridge this summer to metairie signed a two year deal with the club this week on the back of a successful stint as interim force which saw him win the champions league but says
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there won't be a massive overhaul of the squad even though so far right has to be a draw but the salomon kalou have left and has the money and martin have been brought to. your combination that makes that we've lost a few players. the contract with already signed a couple of new players to the be a little bit of a change but i don't think it will be a complete overhaul of the squad. now gulf and u.s. open later michael thompson will begin his second round in a few minutes time he ended yesterday with a three shot lead course in san francisco just ahead of tiger woods and finish with a four under sixty six becoming one of only six players to break par on day one of the tournament tiger woods who is looking to end a four year drought in the majors seem to be in full control of his game carving a one hundred sixty nine on the first day he finished tied in second along with compactness nick watney and david thomas plus england's justin rose and graeme mcdowell from northern ireland their all in a five way tie for second but top right luke donald the offending champion rory
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mcilroy struggled with respective rounds of seventy nine and seventy seven. so you know they could have been this year i would have taken even four you know probably would take it to over the years so you know right around even going to win. you know i don't really expect to stay at four under you know it would be great if i was to improve on that but you know this is a long weekend and the person who. is the most patient. all week is the person who's going to win it we will stay in the states but over the basketball ny and the n.b.a. where it is all square in the final series between oklahoma and miami after again so you know the bron james top scored for the heat the thirty two points with his teammate one way adding another twenty four hours miami stave off a late comeback by the thunder to win it one hundred points to ninety six and level the score after two games before going home for game three. you know we are poised
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to work the first thirty six minutes to you know to sort of let this more slip away from us you know we knew it would likely come and. they were doing the whole postseason mcguiness order to you know play to do especially on a whole floor so we just want to try to make one more two more plays and maybe you know. you know always there were due to and lastly. seven time tour de france winner lance armstrong is gearing up to fight the latest doping allegations against him the u.s. anti-doping agency claims to have evidence that shows he used performance enhancing drugs during his record breaking career and intend to press charges against the cyclists but armstrong vehemently denies any wrongdoing and his lawyers have now demanded access to the evidence gathered by the dating agency so they can start their defense armstrong has until june the twenty second to respond in writing to be accusations if found guilty he could be stripped of the tour titles he won between nine hundred ninety nine and two thousand and five. that is all the sport
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for the moment more. question is that so much going to be huge musician. violence in syria is now officially called a civil war this is probably cold comfort for the syrian people as western powers decide the fate.
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we have a local war lords war criminals it's we have a lot of illegal cold groups of the police called citizens who says also abuse in the home or right enough to my mind it was like many other marriage that wasn't forced marriage it's just muddy when i was fifteen years old you can liberate other women and you certainly can't do it through the barrel of a gun the only effective social changes can be the afghans themselves asked dan many women we believe are going to stun him not to cross paths without
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the participation of its chemical position and that of construction but to stop people in the obama administration talking about how much they care about the women of afghanistan it's not true they don't care about the women of afghanistan. the. line. would be soon much brighter if you knew about some from funds to pressure. these friends don't talk t. don't come.
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fresh protests on the eve of the egyptian presidential runoff as the country's highest court dissolved parliament and allows mubarak's x. prime minister to continue his controversal. action challenge. us stepped up dead the drone attacks on pakistani territory leading to calls for an investigation into the of the galaxy amid claims that innocent civilians are being killed in strikes officially targeting terrorists. syria's government says there may be more suicide bomb attacks in the country's capital the warning follows the arrest of a man with ties to when al qaeda linked groups. it's
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nine pm in moscow this is r.t. coming to you live from new sanaa way with our top story egypt's election transition is sliding deeper into turmoil as the country is left without a part of them it head of this weekend's presidential runoff the supreme court's ruling affectively dissolved the islamist dominated body and allowed mubarak's last prime minister to stay in the presidential race as policy or reports from cairo more protests are on the way so you'd be here in cairo is volatile left wing activists as well as liberals the youth security jacksons and many in the muslim brotherhood are outraged earlier there were demonstrations in front of the constitutional court and now as we speak calls are starting to gather in tahrir square the off wage is really because many egyptians feel that what has developed here is a carefully maneuvered plan by the supreme council of the armed forces scaf to remain in power looking at a decision that was announced.


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